BUFFALO, NY - A pair of Western New York brothers will try to win life-changing money tonight on NBC's hit game show "The Wall." They got the opportunity after the show's creators heard how one of the brothers saved someone else's life. His name is Darnell Barton and his story made national headlines in October 2013, when the NFTA bus driver spotted a distraught young woman on his morning route.

"Red light and I look over and there she is," says Barton. He exited his bus and convinced her not to jump from the Elmwood Avenue bridge onto the 198. "Not only was there a life saved, and that was hers, but my life was changed," says Barton.

In the weeks following, Darnell was honored by community leaders, visited schools, and accepted a $10,000 check from Donald Trump -- who saw his story and wanted to reward him.

"I've always had dreams of helping my family out, helping other people in the community," says Barton. He never expected or wanted notoriety, and he was never looking for money. He's just a guy whose bus was running late one day and in his words, who was put there for a reason. Barton says on that day, he realized his calling -- and began working on his foundation to help those with mental illness.

But his life and efforts to help others could change in other ways if he wins millions on NBC's hit game show "The Wall." The show was looking for deserving people, who have done good in their lives -- to give them a chance to win some serious cash. Darnell and his brother Dion auditioned and were chosen for the show where they had to answer random trivia questions. For every correct answer a green ball drops on the giant wall -- and adds to the total. Wrong answers mean a red ball -- and a deduction. Of course the biggest question: how much did they win? They are sworn to secrecy -- and can't reveal the outcome until the episode airs.