BUFFALO, N.Y. -- In response to Sunday’s officer-involved shooting, residents in Buffalo came together to show support for the injured officer.

Common Council member Joe Golombek organized the vigil via social media just within an hour of the shooting incident that happened at Hartman and Garfield. The vigil, Golombek and residents said, was meant to send two messages: Show support for the work that police officers do and take a stand against crime in the community.

"I started getting phone calls and Facebook messages, and I said how about we go at 8 and show our support for the Buffalo Police Department? Because there are enough knuckleheads out there that are screaming and hollering against our officers.,” Golombek told reporters. “I have been a supporter of the Buffalo Police Department since before I was on the city council."

"I think it's time that we all got together and say enough, and we have to stand up for our rights. We're all good people in this community except for what? One percent? So we need to take a stand right here, right now,” said Riverside resident Jackie Dillon. “We're proud of our police, and we're tired of activities taking place in Black Rock and Riverside."

Other attendees shared more personal stories as to why they came out on this cold May night. One man said his father and grandfather were police officers who he used to hope would come home safe every night. Another attendee was a community police officer in the Black Rock neighborhood, who said she knows the neighborhood well and serves as a liaison between residents and the police.