SILVER CREEK, NY - An emergency shelter in place was in effect for several hours in Silver Creek Thursday afternoon after a fire in a piece of equipment.

It happened outside Har-Son Manufacturing on Mechanic Street.

Someone was cutting apart a dust collector in the parking lot when aluminum shavings and other pieces started to smolder.

Residents and neighboring businesses were told to close their windows and doors and turn off air conditioners while firefighters and HAZMAT crews dealt with the incident.

Workers at neighboring Newbrook Machine Corporation tell 2 On Your Side they were not evacuated. They just shut their doors. It was not their piece of equipment involved.

The Silver Creek Fire Chief Adam Graf explained why putting out the fire wasn't as simple as dousing it with water.

"It's just not a good reaction. When it's burning, it could flame up more. It could combust. It could cause an explosion, so water was not a first option for us," Graf said.