SANBORN, NY-- A new state-of-the-art facility celebrated the grand opening of their new U.S. headquarters in Sanborn Friday.

Border-Worx Logistics focuses on cross-border imports and exports with Canada.

Since 2003, the company has managed more than $3 billion in goods across the border and more than 100,000 customs clearances.

"Most carriers can do really well in their domestic markets to and from," says Dean Wood, President and CEO of Border-Worx Logistics. "You know, within the US or in Canada. But no one likes to go across the border. All the duties, the taxes, the paper work and all of that. And that's what we tackle, and we do it well."

The Canadian manufacturer expanded to Vantage International Point with the help of state tax breaks,  and this new location will create 86 jobs in Western New York.