BUFFALO, NY - Johanna Dominguez was reading in bed last Tuesday night, when she smelled smoke. She came out to find the sign she had displayed in her front garden had been lit on fire. Luckily, she had a watering can nearby and was able to put out the flame. But that act of vandalism has sparked a wave of activism.

The sign read:

In our America

Women are in charge of their own bodies.

Science is real.

Black lives matter.

Diversity is celebrated.

Kindness is everything.

Love is love.

A surveillance camera on the house next door captured images of the man believed to be responsible. Police are reviewing that as part of their investigation.

In the meantime, Johanna has paid to have 500 new signs with a similar message produced. They will be distributed for free at several community events. They will hold fundraisers to produce more if demand warrants it. The WNY Peace Center will be handing them out at their events while supplies last. You can check the center's website for their schedule of events.