At the corner of Delavan and Elmwood, a four-story apartment building is going up. And if residents and some local officials get their way, it'll be that last structure of its type to go up on Buffalo's trendy Elmwood Village.

The city is revamping its planning and zoning, moving towards what's called "The Green Code". It's a comprehensive plan on how the city will grow in the future. There have been lots of public hearings, and community meetings to shape The Green Code.

Next month, the Buffalo Common Council is expected to vote on the final version of the plan. One of the facets of The Green Code is a height restriction on new buildings in the Elmwood Village. Maximum height would be three stories.

But that code is not law yet. So, developers are chugging ahead with a number of projects which are reportedly taller than the three story limit. State Assemblyman Sean Ryan and Common Council member David Rivera want those projects halted in their tracks.

At a news conference Tuesday, both urged the city to make sure Elmwood Village projects already on the drawing board are not grandfathered in under current city regulations.

"All development moving forward should follow the Green Code and after coming this far with a lot of community meetings and a lot of public input, what we don’t want is projects to slip through the cracks," says Ryan.

Ciminelli Real Estate reportedly plans a pair of apartments, perhaps four to five stories tall, north of Bidwell Parkway.

If the Green Code is approved by the city council as expected next month, there are questions as to whether the project already in planning stages would have to abide by the new regulations or the current rules.

Late Tuesday afternoon, in statement, Mayor Byron Brown made it clear he wanted the proposed height standard in the Elmwood Village adhered to. He said he would work, "to ensure that projects currently proposed in Elmwood Village that exceed standards proposed in the Green Code, move forward under the Green Code."