BUFFALO, N.Y. - Gas prices are falling nationwide. The average has dropped for ten days straight.

Some are crediting that to the results of the election and President-Elect Donald Trump's promises to expand oil exploration and drilling. We talked to financial planner Joe Curatolo with Georgetown Capital who says he could see energy prices falling another 50 cents by this time next year.

"The market moves in anticipation of things that are going to happen. So you're probably going to start to see energy companies start to drill now. You'll see steel companies start to order more pipes and tubes that are going to fo in the ground for fracking. You're going to see trucking companies start to expand because they're going to need more trucks to deliver the oil and the gas. Everything's gonna start now because it takes months and months to build up the infrastructure for the energy complex," said Curatolo.

Here in Western New York, we're still about 20 cents above the national average of $2.14 a gallon, and the price here hasn't fallen a cent in the last week.