2 On Your Side has learned about a Tuesday morning news conference by Governor Andrew Cuomo, to be held in the shadows of the south Grand Island bridges. This is leading many to conclude the Governor is ready to announce so-called "cashless tolls" will be installed at the bridge toll plazas.

Numerous times this year, there have been calls to eliminate the tolls for the Grand Island bridges or install technology to electronically collect the tolls.

For years, several states have used cameras that identify license plate numbers of cars traveling at speeds of 60 miles per hour and higher. The plate data is used to look-up the EZ Pass linked to that vehicle. The toll is then deducted from that account as the vehicle continues on its way.

Illinois started using what it calls open road tolling in 2005 on interstates surrounds Chicago. From there the technology has spread throughout the state.

Open road tolling on Grand Island could ease traffic congestion, reduce auto emissions near the toll plazas while the state continues to collect the almost $20-million the tolls generate.

The Cuomo event is also expected to contain some news about a welcome center that the Governor has wanted on Grand island for some time.

2 On Your Side is told the Cuomo event is slated for 10am Tuesday morning.