AMHERST, NY-- Whole Foods announced earlier this week that they are closing nine stores nationwide, along with abandoning plans to open more than 1,200 stores, according to CNBC.

However, the closing plans do not include the store that is currently being built in Amherst. Michael Sinatra, a spokesperson for Whole Foods, says the Amherst store is still opening as planned. The store opening is expected to be sometime this summer. The store is located on Sheridan Drive in the Northtown Plaza.

CNBC said Whole Foods CEO and co-founder John Mackey called the closing of the nine stores a "difficult but prudent decision," and said the company will now have a more targeted site selection and "continued moderation in ending square footage growth."

Whole Foods still opened 14 new locations during the first quarter, and remains optimistic about future growth.

(WXIA contributed to this report)