BUFFALO, NY-- The iconic Record Theatre will soon close for good in Buffalo.

The Main and Lafayette location will close its doors at the end of June. Six employees were let go Monday, and there are ten remaining.

"It's sad, I've been here a lot of years of my life so they've got a ton of selection, ton of music so it's going to be sad to see them going," said long-time worker John Lucas.

"I've traveled around and I go to record stores all over the country and I feel this is the best one, like this whole area doesn't realize what a place this was," said another employee, Joe Igielinski. "There just aren't stores like this in big cities and they didn't realize what a jewel this store was."

Just a few months ago, Record Theatre closed it's University District location following the death of founder and owner Leonard Silver.

Mike Pierce is one three trustees that voted yesterday to close the store.

"Just analyzing the numbers, it wasn't going to happen, it's a big building here," he said.

Record Theatre first opened in 1976. It's where the music played, concert tickets were sold and when popular musicians passed away -- people stood in long lines to buy their music.

"I was 20-years old when I started a lot of memories and it's a shame but things change and the world changes," Pierce said.

Vinyl sales are rebounding but not enough, and here is where you find customers who opt for vinyl over digital.

Record Theatre, which has been around for more than 40 years, was one of the country's longest running independent record stores. At one time, they had 25 stores in Western New York.

A going out of business sale will begin June 19th. All merchandise will be sold, and there are thousands of of records, CD's posters and other merchandise.