Customers of First Niagara Bank now have a new financial institution and a new local branch in some cases.

KeyBank worked over the weekend to bring roughly 1 million First Niagara customers into the fold as part of its acquisition of the First Niagara Financial Group.

Overall, roughly 300 First Niagara branches in four states reopened Tuesday as KeyBank. Sixteen branches in the Rochester-area made the conversion. Branches in Perinton, Penfield, downtown Rochester and Holley were closed. The Holley location was that areas only bank.

Six other KeyBank sites in the Rochester area will close in the upcoming months with a total of 106 KeyBank or First Niagara branches slated for consolidation in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Some services to First Niagara customers started to go dark last week as the conversion began, but checking accounts and other information was expected to be online Tuesday morning.

Those with First Niagara credit and debit cards can continue to use them until they expire, when they will be issued new cards. First Niagara checks will continued to be accepted, too. Account information, passwords and IDs are expected to remain the same for customers through the transition.

Customers with questions can call First Niagara’s Contact Center at (800) 421-0004.