AMHERST, NY-Chart Industries, maker of equipment for the industrial gas, energy and biomedical industries, announced it is shuttering its manufacturing facility on Commerce Parkway in Amherst.

A company spokespersons says that 150 workers will be affected. However, it's unclear how many layoffs there will be.

In a statement, the company says the reason behind the move is 'to better position the company to capture future growth in the respiratory products industry.' The statement did not include a timetable for the closing or say how many employees are affected.

Work at the plant is expected to be moved to Chart Industries existing campus in Canton, GA.

"This realignment and our continued investment in respiratory solutions demonstrates our commitment to the industry and to improving the quality of life for millions of people suffering from COPD and other lung diseases," said Earl Lawson, President of Chart BioMedical.

The company has a second location, on Creekside Drive in Amherst, where 40 employees work -- this location will not be affected.

Some employees will be given the option of relocating to Georgia, but again it's unclear how many.

The company says it's also shutting down a plant, in Cleveland. Chart says the moves will help the company grow and should be completed by next spring.