A group of women in the small Allegany County town of Cuba have made a name for themselves by warming the hearts of others, and that's why they're this week's 2 On Your Side "Good Neighbors."

These ladies say they have found their purpose in the nursing home at Cuba Memorial Hospital. It all started when Marjanne Kunz, a volunteer, noticed the bedspread of resident Dorothy Bruyn was tattered and worn.

"So we made a pretty flowered one for her bed and then we just decided to start making some," said Kunz.

Two years and well over 1000 blankets later, the women are still making the fleece blankets.

"I've been sewing since I was 7, then arthritis took over and I missed it. I said I can do that," said Elaine Congdon, a resident who also helps to make the blankets.

They take orders and design requests, and any money from the blankets they sell goes to programs and projects at the nursing home. They've raised $9,000 so far to put a roof over the hospital's sundeck.

"The people that live here now are going to enjoy that, but the people that are going to live here in the next generation, which may be myself, are also going to be able to enjoy that," said Gene Faulkner, acting nursing home administrator.

They don't just sell the blankets, they also give hundreds more away.

"There might be somebody out there that's hurting, that might need this, to be comforted," said Bruyn.

For Make a Difference Day in October, students from Houghton College and the Boy Scouts helped the ladies fill 600 bags with a book, stuffed animal, and one of their homemade blankets to go to a child in trauma.

"We hope to provide them with a little bit of comfort by giving them one of our kits," said Kunz.

Children who are hospitalized, placed in foster care, or are in an emergency situation may receive the blanket.

"Each knot that I put into that blanket, I just say, each knot is tied with love."

The women are always grateful for monetary and fabric donations. To donate or purchase a blanket, call (585) 968-2000.

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