Each Monday, we highlight someone who is making a positive impact in our community. On Monday, 2 On Your Side's Kelly Dudzik introduced us to a City Shaper who is already making a big difference in the lives of others, and he's just 10 years old.

When Xavier Rogers was 5 or 6, he started visiting playgrounds in Buffalo with his grandparents to give away toys.

"How do you pick out which toys that you give away?" asked Dudzik.

"I mean, the toys that are not mine, or the toys that I don't want, I just give them away. For example, like little baby toys or stuff like that, I don't want those anymore," explained Rogers.

Xavier is going to be a 6th Grader at Houghton Academy in the fall. We met up with him at his school's playground as he handed out his latest round of toys.

"About four or five years ago, we were talking about getting some toys that Xavier had outgrown to Goodwill like we would normally do. And, the idea just came to me, and I'm a Christian, so I believe God just said, 'hey, why don't you try this idea,'" says Xavier’s grandmother, Katie Harrod.

Xavier loved the idea. It's an activity he does with his grandparents a few times each summer while they're babysitting him when his parents are at work.

"How have you seen him grow as a young man since he started doing this?" asked Dudzik.

"That's a great question. I've seen him even come out of himself even a little bit more, and he's fearless anyway, but I've seen him be even friendlier to kids and wanting to give them something. He's never been a selfish kid, but you see him giving all the more in doing this," says Harrod.

Not only does Xavier give away his old toys, others are donated by neighbors and church members.

Xavier and his grandparents always check with the parents first to make sure it's okay, and usually as soon as the bin comes out, the children flock to it.

"It's heartwarming because you see kids who may not have a toy to play with on the playground, and they'll pick out something that they really love and say thank you, and off they are running, and it just gives you a great feeling both Xavier and myself to see that happen," says Harrod.

"When you see all the kids out here today, and you know that you're going to be helping them, how does that make you feel?" asked Dudzik.

"It feels good. Makes me feel good because it's like if people don't have enough toys, then I could give it to them," says Rogers.

If you would like to donate toys for Xavier to give to other children, you can do so through his church.

And, if you'd like to nominate someone to be a City Shaper, just send Kelly an email.