BUFFALO, N. Y. - Cherrise Walker-Betts is a breast cancer survivor. While battling cancer her hair fell out from the chemotherapy treatments. It's why she started Our Curls Inc. a non-profit targeted toward women of color with cancer.

Our Curls Inc. fills in the gap for women of color who haven't found wigs resembling their hair texture at places that provide cancer patients with free wigs.

The organization provides free wigs that are donated and fitted and trimmed. "I want to let women of color know with cancer that you are beautiful. When you look and you go somewhere and there's nothing there for you, it makes you feel like you're not enough, that you're not beautiful," and that is something she wanted to change.

Besides wigs, Our Curls provides other services including support groups and chemo care bags.

"I guess I would say our main focus is the journey. A lot of people talk about prevention, we talk about the journey and survivorship. What good is life, if there's no quality of life, if you're going through one of the toughest battles of your life," said Walker-Betts.

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