BUFFALO, N.Y. – Since July, the Goo Goo Dolls have been on their "Long Way Home" summer tour, and Houston was one of the stops — until Hurricane Harvey caused uncertainty and eventually a canceled the Thursday night show.

But shortly after the cancellation, bassist and singer Robby Takac says Houston's mayor had other ideas.

“He said, you know, we really need to get the city back in business again. Like, we need to get commerce going, we need to get people coming through, and we'd really love it if you guys could do your show,” Takac, who is already back in Buffalo, said on Friday.

The Goo's said yes, and by working with the venue, they also hosted a food drive before the concert, where Takac and Johnny Rzeznik met with fans still recovering from Harvey.

“A lot of the people who were coming and donating food were people who were affected by it,” Takac said. "There were lines much longer for volunteers than there were for relief in some places, and that's pretty great.”

Takac compared the willing volunteers in Texas to the neighborly support to Buffalo, where people help one another in big snow storms.

“When you're buried under seven feet of snow, your neighbor comes over and helps you dig out of your driveway," Takac said. That's just the way it is…they have different circumstances down there, but eventually the better side of human nature takes over.”

After the food drive, the show went on. The Goo Goo Dolls invited 2,000 first responders to enjoy the show for free.

"Kind of put all that craziness outside of the walls that we were playing in for a few hours and have some fun,” he said.

Takac believes growing up in Buffalo has helped him keep his nose to the ground, and he’s thankful for the life he's had here that has molded him into a person that cares about others.

Even after 30 years of superstar success, he says he and Rzeznik always remember what really matters.
"When you grow up somewhere, that's what makes you who you are,” Takac said.

On top of all that, the band also donated a portion of the concert proceeds to relief efforts.

Meanwhile, Takac’s local initiative, Music is Art, happens this weekend for free at its new location, Riverworks. This is the 15th year of the art and music festival.