CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — Little 8-month-old Evelyn Maciag was diagnosed about a month ago with a highly malignant brain tumor.

Since then, the community has rallied around her by creating elephants for Evelyn.

Elephants have a few meanings to the Maciag family.

It was the theme of Evelyn's room before she was born, but took on new symbolism once Evelyn received her diagnosis.

For her family, the animals represent strength, but also family and community, because elephants travel in herds and rely on each other.

"It's been tough, but she's a tough little cookie, "Amy Leach, a veterinarian who started the Facebook page 'Elephants for Evelyn.' "She's doing well, she's actually started smiling more over the last few days. She's starting to get her spirits back, I think, you know, it's been a while since the brain surgery, so she's doing a bit better."

Evelyn has already had four surgeries and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

There is currently a bottle-and-can drive at all Consumer Beverages locations for the family.

There is also a GoFundMe page set up.