BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Club Marcella opened in Buffalo in 1995 when the entertainment district had a much different vibe. Friday night, it celebrated its grand reopening.

Club Marcella's owner has moved back to Buffalo after ten years in Miami. He decided to do a re-launch and massive renovation. All this work happened over the past two weeks. Club Marcella now has two DJ booths, VIP areas, two dance floors with two separate sound systems, and new lights, and a video wall.

Friday night, owner Joe Marcella brought in DJ Carlos G from Miami. Marcella owns two clubs in Miami, and he wants to bring that vibe to Buffalo for all to enjoy.

"This club belongs to everyone. You know, people say it's a gay club. No, it's everyone's club. We started as a gay club, now the gay kids are going to straight clubs, the straight kids are going to the gay clubs, and I will tell you lately it's been like 70-percent straight people who come here and enjoy the shows. We get a lot of stagette parties, a lot of bachelorette parties," says Marcella.

Marcella says they are going to start doing weddings there, too. He is also bringing in DJs from Miami every Saturday night for ten weeks starting tomorrow.