BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Many of the Buffalo Bills spent their day off on Tuesday at five different community outreach events throughout Western New York.

The team saw the event as a way to engage the community and foster relationships with those they met. Players played sports with elementary school students at the Belle center and other locations like Northwest Buffalo Community Center, Matt Urban Hope Center, and the Police Athletic League. The team also spoke with youth about teamwork and giving back.

Many of the players already have their own foundations, but today's team effort allowed even more players to get out in the community.

When asked what it meant for him to be out there today, Bills Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said, "It's always been a passion of mine to serve in the community. Obviously there's been a lot of just chaos and kind of conversation about the kneeling and protest, so as a team, we wanted to go out here and be proactive and serving the community." He continued, "[We wanted to] give back to the young people and also be eventually able to talk to some of the public officials in Buffalo as well and just try to attack the problem holistically and start to get things changed and certain communities and just bringing people together so it's been great to do it today."

In addition, as part of the NFL's Crucial Catch expanded cancer awareness outreach, the Buffalo Bills hosted a Family Fun Night with games and activities in the ADPRO Sports Training Center for children with pediatric cancer and their immediate families.