BUFFALO, NY-- There's a strong connection between Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine and the City of Buffalo.

The vehicle, "The Playboy" was manufactured in Buffalo in the 1940's. It was a sleek-looking economy car that held three passengers and had 4-cylinders.

The car was first built in a garage at 988 Ellicott Street, but they needed more space and moved to a location on Kenmore Avenue. They built the cars until 1949, when they had to declare bankruptcy.

Where does the Hefner connection come into play? Hefner has written that he got the name Playboy from a tiny car company in the City of Buffalo.

There are a few of the Playboy vehicles around. Some where purchased by the grandson of the man who ran the company and manufactured the Playboy, and one is currently on display at the Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum.