BUFFALO, N.Y.-- A special family reunion was held Friday evening in the Town of Evans.

92-year-old William Wolfers grew up in Buffalo, but had been adopted when he was six months old, when his birth mother passed away.

Bill knew next to nothing about either of his birth parents, until a few years ago. That's when he found through Ancestry.com, that he has seven half-siblings, also living in Buffalo.

Before Friday, Bill previously connected with a few of his half brothers and sisters. But it was during Friday's reunion, that he got to meet more of the extended family he never knew he had.

"It was really wonderful, Wolfers said. "I mean, these folks could have said, 'You know, you're some weirdo we don't want to have anything to do with.' And they didn't! They welcomed me into the family, so I've been with them a couple of times. And I don't know of anybody, except the Wolfers were pretty nice people, too. But these are warm, friendly people and they have wonderful senses of humor, and that is important to me."

Now, Bill and his wife Carol, and their three children, have added at least thirty new aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews to their family.