The cast of NBC’s This is Us breaks down the 11th episode of the show in a web extra That was Us.

The 11th after show features cast members Mandy Moore (Rebecca), Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth), Chrissy Metz (Kate), and Ron Cephas Jones (William). The group discusses show themes, such as life’s curveballs, parenting, and love and commitment.

This is Us is a drama that follows an extended family and the unique life struggles they each face. It airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on WGRZ Channel 2. Watch full episodes on

If you’re just watching This is Us for the first time, catch up on what’s happened in previous episodes:

Episode 1: Series Premiere

Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown and more star in the ensemble drama about a group of people who share the same birthday and so much more than anyone would ever expect.

Episode 2: The Big Three

Jack and Rebecca struggle to overcome distance in their marriage; Toby encourages Kate to let loose; Kevin faces fallout from his meltdown; and Beth protects her man. Katey Sagal guest stars.

Episode 3: Kyle

Struggling with grief, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) makes a secret pact with William (Ron Cephas Jones); Kevin (Justin Hartley) decides to move to NYC; and Toby (Chris Sullivan) puts Kate (Chrissy Metz) in the limelight.

Episode 4: The Pool

It's a hot summer day at the pool! Kevin experiences his first NYC audition; Kate stalks Toby's ex; William's past sends Randall spinning.

Episode 5: The Game Plan

What do the Pearson triplets' origin story and the Pittsburgh Steelers have in common? Everything.

Episode 6: Career Days

Dilemmas of opportunity and sacrifice play out in the lives of father and son; Kate gets a new job; Kevin goes on an unusual first date.

Episode 7: The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World

As her marriage cools down, Rebecca picks up her musical career; the brothers' feud comes to a head; Toby's decision to stop dieting throws Kate into a tailspin.

Episode 8: Pilgrim Rick

The unfortunate events of one terrible holiday lead to the Pearson family's Thanksgiving tradition; Kate makes a life-changing decision; Randall makes a startling discovery.

Episode 9: The Trip

With Randall still reeling from his mother's betrayal, the Pearson triplets head to the family cabin for a post-Thanksgiving getaway; Jack and Rebecca struggle when 9-year-old Randall mounts a search for his birth parents.

Episode 10: Last Christmas

The Pearsons come together to support a sick Dr. K; Randall talks a co-worker off a ledge; and Christmas has a couple of big surprises in store for the Pearson family.