TOWN OF TONAWANDA, NY -- Kim Vaillancourt, the town of Tonawanda wife and mother of 6 who is battling brain cancer, released a statement to WGRZ's Melissa Holmes in which she was asking for prayers as she undergoes another brain scan to see if the tumors have returned. She learned good news after the MRI.

Holmes first introduced viewers to Kim Vaillancourt in February 2016 just after she was first diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma, a rare and incurable brain cancer. Her diagnosis came just days after adopting 3 children. She and her husband Phil already had two children of her own, and Kim bravely put off treatment to protect the life of her unborn child. Baby Wyatt Eli was born healthy in April 2016 and soon after that Kim started treatment.

Since then, she has had multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. In January 2017, Kim underwent several rounds of Gamma Knife radiation surgery to treat new cancer growth.

On March 14, 2017, Kim posted the following message on social media and asked Holmes to share it with 2 On Your Side viewers:

"[Wednesday, March 15] is my monthly MRI. These bring on a lot of stress and anxiety in my family, they aren't too easy on me for how they make me feel either. If you are up to it, please pray for us...for peace, joy and love for my family (and me) and for continued health and strength for me.

I want to walk the course of my life with strength and bring joy and God's love to everyone. I am so blessed! Last month was the 14 months that doctors usually give someone like me to survive. I have no idea how long I will have, but I will thankfully take every day He gives me! I have been starting to get around my house so much more to interact with my family, cook more meals, and do laundry (which really adds up for a family as big as ours)! I feel better than I have and I am so thankful!!! God is so much bigger than this disgusting disease!!! If you are up for it, please continue to pray for us."

UPDATE: On Wednesday, March 15, Kim shared the following message with her Facebook followers:

"Thank you everyone for your prayers!!! The MRI was great! My doctor is even extending my next MRI to 6 weeks instead of 4 and I have 6 weeks with no additional treatments! YAY!!! God is SO good to me! Thank you everyone for lifting up prayers! I am so appreciative of your kindness to me!"

Family spokeswoman, Jenna Koch, tells Holmes that Kim continues to inspire countless people daily.

"The Vaillancourt family is thankful to the entire community for continuing to pray for them," said Koch. "It is so heartwarming to hear from so many people in the Western New York community who are rallying behind Kim. She continues to inspire people every day."

Prayers and words of encouragement can be sent to Jenna Koch at or at 431 Adam Street, Tonawanda, NY 14150.

Click here for a link to the Go Fund Me account.

A benefit account called "Vaillancourt Benefit" has also been established at all Northwest Savings Bank branches.