BUFFALO, NY - It is a story decades in the making that all came together one night in Talty's Tavern on South Park Avenue.

Since 1999, Talty's has hosted South Buffalo reunions, then after a number of years of sharing beers and stories, Roger Roberge Rainville thought "someone ought to write a book about South Buffalo the way it was. "
And that somebody, turns out, was him.
Roger's book, "South Buffalo, The Way it Was" is 21 chapters and 250-some odd pages of the unknown stories that shaped not only a neighborhood, but a way of life.

He hopes that by writing the book, he might be able to affect some change that could make some of those good old days, part of the future .

The book is available on Amazon, at a variety of shops and events, or by contacting the author @rogerrainvillebooks