BUFFALO, N.Y.-- The Central Terminal has been a Buffalo landmark for decades. 2 On Your Side was inside the Central Terminal and got information on the past, present and future of the building.

Many Western New Yorkers wanted to see the building turn into the newly renovated Buffalo Amtrak station, but since that didn't happen, what's next? 


From Dyngus Day celebrations to Halloween events this October, the Central Terminal has 40 events and concerts planned happening right inside.

Not only do they host concerts and events, the Central Terminal is a site for Hollywood Blockbusters. The terminal has put in $90,000 worth of rehabilitation work.

The new and upcoming movie "Marshall" was filmed at the terminal scheduled to be out at theaters on October 13.

Of course, the most talked about topic was brought up by Daybreak's Melissa Holmes; Ghosts! 

The terminal hosts ghosts tours, including one this weekend. The story is that a young boy, sister and even a German Shepherd roam the terminal!

Not all of the areas of the Central Terminal are completely restored. Upstairs at the terminal areas that were once apartments or hotels now looking for brand new renovations.

The Central Terminal opened in 1929, right before the Great Depression. During the World War II Era, about 230 trains went through the station everyday. In the 1950's about 100 trains stopped there, in the 60's about 50 trains, and by 1979 only 8 Amtrak trains still used the Central Terminal. During its peak, 2,000 people worked there including in the train dispatch room:

Right off of the main concourse is a room where some of old Hollywood's rich and famous stopped to eat. Stars like Judy Garland and Jean Harlow once ate at the lunch counter. Now there is an effort to renovate the space and transform it into a banquet facility.