BUFFALO, NY - By stopping by Arby's for lunch or dinner today, you will be helping a local teen in need.

All 11 local Arby's locations are teaming up with the charity website 26shirts.com to help 14-year-old Leontae Parker.

26 Shirts recently sold a Buffalo Bills Ronald Darby themed shirt, with all the proceeds going to the North Buffalo teen. Leontae suffers from kidney disease and is recovering from a kidney transplant. See Leontae's story here.

Arby's loved the shirt and wanted to help Leontae. They are selling the shirts at the local Arby's locations today, and $1 from every 2 for $5 meal deal is going to Leontae.

Del Reid, founder of 26 Shirts, said Darby and Leontae's family are thrilled.

"Ronald Darby was great to work with the whole time and said go for it. We put posters up in all the different Arby's and have a picture of Ronald Darby. Leontae's mom was obviously very grateful. And that's why we do this is to help people who can really use the help," said Reid.

Click here for a link to 26Shirts.com .