BUFFALO, NY - For the past 10 months, Mike Lesakowski has hit the gym and hit the pavement, trying to rally both emotional and financial support for a labor of love he calls the 11 Day Power Play. All of that leg work is paying dividends.

The 11 Day Power Play is a marathon hockey game with a mission of raising funds for cancer research. It is a game of numbers, 40 players, 250 hours, 11 days all add up to $1 million for Roswell Cancer Institute. The players have hit the gym as a group every Saturday morning, they have hit the ice as a group as often as they can and they have held countless fundraisers for the event. It is a pure team effort.

This week that team is getting some recognition on a national level. They are featured in this month's USA Hockey Magazine as well as this week's Hockey News. Lesakowski hopes that the national and international exposure will help drive them over the top from a fundraising perspective.

With 37 days left they have brought in just over 60% of their goal. Lesakowski is confident that goal will become a reality.

If you would like to help or want more information about how to give to the event or a specific player go to www.11daypowerplay.com