BUFFALO, N.Y. - Beautiful Cookies doesn't have a storefront that you can walk up to, order a few cookies, and float away on chocolaty cloud nine.

After trying Desmond Curran's creations, that's something customers may be clamoring for.

Curran gave up his job as a special education teacher after finding an enthusiastic customer base selling his cookies first at Buffalo's Garden Walk, and later in front of Ashker's Juice Bar on Elmwood. Now, he works out of a small kitchen in the back of The Annex on West Ferry Street near Grant.

Right now, he sells at a few other shops and festivals, but there's more to come in the future.

"The goal is, hopefully we can get a place on the west side, where I live and I love this community," says Curran. "A small bakery where people can come in, awesome music, and they're like, 'These cookies are beautiful.'"

Curran takes pride in the differences between each individual cookie, made with the help of his two kids and a few other employees who make the kitchen a lively place to bake.

Unique Eats sampled and loved three of the most popular; the "Love M" (double peanut butter with dark chocolate chips), the "Cowboy" (a delicious hodgepodge of white chocolate, dark chocolate, butterscotch, oatmeal, cornflakes, Heath bar crunch, roasted walnut, and coconut), and the Black Sea (double dark chocolate with sea salt and Rolo candies).

Check out Beautiful Cookies at its Facebook page to see where they're selling next, and let us know where to go next by emailing us here.

Beautiful Cookies

345 West Ferry St.
Buffalo, NY 14213

(716) 259-0271